Yogurt In Love

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Yogurt In Love: An Exciting Franchise Opportunity

Find out why our customers and franchisees have fallen in love with the hottest frozen yogurt franchise in the country!

It’s simple really. Yogurt In Love is focused on delivering the best products, from high quality, delicious frozen yogurt to the best franchising offers available—with zero franchising fees!

If you have great interest in the product and are looking to invest your passion in the business of delivering fantastic frozen yogurt, you might just be the right partners for us. Drop us a line to find out more about Yogurt In Love franchising packages.

Why Choose The Yogurt In Love Franchise?

Low Startup Cost

Yogurt In Love offers the lowest startup cost. That’s because our packages can include self-serve machines, design, build-out, restaurant service equipment, signage, point-of-sale, on-site training, and so much more. Our comprehensive franchise offers can take care of nearly everything your store will need so that there aren’t any unexpected or hidden costs, and all without a having to pay a franchising fee. Your total franchise investment will be a fraction of the cost in comparison to most yogurt franchises.

Great Support

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we’re invested in our franchisees’ success. Your success is our success and that means that you have the Yogurt In Love support team on your side.

Great Product

Yogurt In Love only uses the best yogurt products. We continuously research and update the products and ingredients featured in our stores to make sure our customers get only the best.

Steady Growth

Yogurt In Love started in South Carolina. Now, we have successful locations from New Hampshire, Florida, California, and more places in between. We’re not just about approving franchises left and right, each franchise is considered from top to bottom, assessing its best chance for profitability and growth. We not only supply our franchisees the system, product, support, and equipment, we also help you choose the best locations for maximum profitability.